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Posted on: October 7, 2010 12:11 pm

Bon Voyage Part II


These out of control egos that are pampered and even encouraged by modern fans and media, the entire sports machine, has given a pass for these jerks to do almost whatever they want, and the more outrageous and stupid their claims, actions and the like, the more of a wall they can hide behind. The crazier they are, the thicker the skin, and the better their own defenses are. It's a sickening cycle.

Classly, humble, sincere star atheletes have become the exception and are almost seen as soft, boring, etc.. When we, collectively, don't have dirt on a guy, it's almost like they are the ones hiding something, that being nice is an act and the skeletons are in the closet. Being seemingly innocent has turned into being guilty because you haven't been acting a damn fool outwardly for the world to see. The star athlete that can protect their privacy is a rarity and something to be admired. We fans contribute to it because we want to know all about these guys.

When do you see guys like Tim Duncan, Ray Allen, Steve Nash or Grant Hill getting into trouble, shooting their mouths off, complaing or campaigning publicly for more money, or to force an organizations hand to get traded by holding out or creating an uncomfortable situation. When do you see Peyton or Brady, Brees or Kurt Warner debasing themselves, others, anyone really? You may not like those guys, you may love them, but you can't say any of them make the headlines for anything negative really. Brady did knock up a chick and not marry her, but he takes care of the kid and how common is that nowadays anyways? Half the kids born these days are born out of wedlock.

The Moss situation is all ego. It's not a coincidence that he left on bad terms with Minnesota, Oakland and now New England. When it's 3 for 3, it's not the teams man, it's you. Someone called the radio show and said this: "Getting Randy Moss is like buying a boat, the two best days of owning a boat are the day you buy it and the day you get it sold". How true. Some guys, for all their talent, just aren't worth the trouble eventually. The Patriots got their moneys worth production-wise for three years, but Randy wanted more money going into this labor unrest, and the Patriots weren't going to give a 33 year old reciever with behavior issues more money, especially while he was still getting paid this year. Brady on the otherhand signed a big extension and will get paid no matter what happens with the CBA. Draw your own conclusions. Similarities: both explosive and important players, both future HOF'ers and annual Pro Bowlers. Differences: one is a franchise cornerstone who is revered, one is a notorious malcontent. One is white, one black, one stable, one nuts. On the whole, Brady is a safe investment, and Moss isn't. Randy wants to "get his", as if 27 million, 14 guaranteed over the last three years wasn't enough. If you have money concerns after making all the money you've made over the last 13 years, than you have a serious lack of financial restraint. Randy made his own bed, but now doesn't want to sleep in it. Man up.
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Posted on: November 30, 2009 1:22 pm

Active HOF'ers in every sport

Got to wondering..of the four major sports leagues, which has the most lock, sure-fire HOF'ers playing right now? This was spawned by the announcements of the newest NHL inductees (Yzerman, Hull, Robitaille, Leetch and Lou Lamoriello), which is one of the strongest classes ever to go into the Hall. Also, the list of MLB Hall hopefuls came out the other day as well. Holdovers Andre Dawson, Mark McGwire, Burt Blyleven, Jack Morris, and first timers such as The Crime Dog Fred McGriff, Roberto Alomar, Barry Larkin, Kevin Appier, Ellis Burks, Andres Galaragga, Edgar Martinez, etc. etc.
The criteria is: A guy that, if he retired RIGHT NOW, would get in, without a doubt (which is in my opinion of course). A lot of other guys in every sport are well on their way...they just need to play a few more seasons having good numbers. Some cases are tough. Guys like Jorge Posada, Andy Pettite, Jason Varitek (decent numbers, but were winners, long careers, impact on the game, etc.). Guys like Konerko, Dye, Miguel Tejada (numbers aplenty, but are they really HOF'ers or will they suffer from Dave Kingman syndrome?) What about Omar Visquel? Lance Berkman? Torii Hunter? MLB:Derek JeterAlex RodriguezMariano RiveraIvan RodriguezRandy JohnsonTrevor HoffmanJim ThomePedro MartinezManny RamirezVladimir GuerreroAlbert PujolsRoy HalladayIchiro SuzukiChipper JonesAndruw Jones
NBA:Shaquille O'NealKevin GarnettRay AllenTim DuncanSteve NashPaul PierceJason KiddDirk NowitzkiKobe BryantVince Carter
NHL:Martin BrodeurNicholas LidstromMark RecchiSergei FedorovJarome IginlaMike ModanoTeamu SelannePaul KariyaChris Pronger
NFL:Ed ReedPeyton ManningLaDanian TomlinsonRay LewisTom BradyTerrell OwensTorry HoltRandy MossBrett FavreKurt WarnerEdgerrin JamesChamp BaileyJason TaylorJunior SeauCharles WoodsonBrian UrlacherSteve HutchinsonWalter JonesTony GonzalezBrian Dawkins
Who am I missing? Hockey list feels short. Chip in guys.
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