Posted on: September 15, 2009 4:06 pm

Week 1 Wistful, Witnessed Wackiness

Been away from the blog for a while, but back in action with the start of the NFL season and MLB playoff chases hot hot hot.

First off, to any Bills fan passing through that happens to read this, that was a great game last night. Really had the Pats on the ropes, one or two different plays from cementing what would have been a great win for Dick Jauron and Buffalo.

For fellow Pats fans, its only week one people. Tom Terrific will be fine, just need to shake of the rust. Welker, Moss, will be fine. Galloway didn't get used at all (actually, he was almost cut coming out of camp). It was good to see the ground game take off against what is a fairly good defense historically; although not last year. Maroney and Taylor both played well. The offensive line did a much better job of opening up the running lanes and getting push of the line on running plays than they did protecting Brady. That area needs to improve drastically (talking to you, Matt Light, or Todd Light as Jon Gruden kept calling him).  The tight ends factored into the game more than the Patriots have done usually. Whether its Watson, Baker or David Thomas, I would love to see the Pats incorporate the TE a little more than just 2-end sets or heavy-line for sweeps, etc. Reports coming out of Patriot Place in Foxboro are that the Patriots are going to grind a little more on offense this year, more runs/tight end, vs. the strictly vertical attack of 2007. The balance should help Brady ease back into form.

The defense didn't play well against a very sub-par offensive club that was without Marshawn Lynch. There was virtually no pash rush until the last 3 minutes, and Fred Jackson exploited the front 7. Lee Evans and T.O. were doubled much of the game and weren't a factor, albeit, that paved the way for Buffalo to run. Next week against the Jets in the Meadowlands should be a stiffer test. I expect the Patriots to play MUCH better in Week 2 than in Week 1. Belichick's record the first time facing rookie quarterbacks in ridiculous.

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