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Posted on: April 20, 2010 2:22 pm

LeBron Should Stay

With what he did in last nights game , and watching the fans in Cleveland going nuts, I couldn't help but think a deep playoff run and possibly a championship could be the LBJ swan song in the Mistake By The Lake. Being an sympatheic personality, I really will feel for the whole regoin of Cleveland if Lebron goes East to New York or New Jersey.

What else does Cleveland have? Besides the Rock and Roll HOF, whats the draw? Cleveland State? C'mon. The Indians stink, having won a World Series since the 1940's, and the glow of the late 1990's and Jacobs' Field has worn off. Big stars get shipped out by cheap ownership, how long before Sizemore, Peralta, and others are gone?

The Browns were stolen away from their great fans and turned into a winner in Baltimore. The Dawg Pound were reunited with their purpose in 1999, and have been treated to what, one winning season. Bad coaching, bad drafts, just all bad. Bernie Kosar isn't walking through that door (although Jimmy Clausen might). 

There in no NHL in Cleveland, and while some people might not care either way, its just another missing ingredient for making Cleveland a great sports city. It's not even a college sports mecca like say, Los Angeles, where USC football and UCLA basketball is almost on par with the Lakers/Dodgers/Angels. Cleveland I guess would be Ohio State territory, but there really isn't too much of a connection there. 

If LeBron leaves, and I hope he doesn't, Cleveland is thrust back into the dark depths of nothingness in American sports, a forgotten Rust Belt outpost whose fans have really nothing to look forward to. Think anyone will care about Antwan Jamison or Mo Williams when the team is winning 30 something games and LeBron is wearing a Knicks jersey? Me neither. Stay LeBron, save a city.
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