Tag:Lamar Woodley
Posted on: December 30, 2009 8:54 pm

Lamar Woodley....WHAT?

What the hell is this guy talking about? The Patriots and Bengals, like the Colts last week, have earned the right to do whatever they friggin want next week. Ryan Clark had the right idea, saying no one is scared of the Steelers this year. If you hadn't punted games against Oakland and Kansas City, you wouldn't need all this HELP to get into the playoffs. If you take care of business, you control your own fate. The Patriots, IF they sit starters, aren't doing because they are scared to play you Lamar, they are doing it to get healthy and rest up. Cincy, same thing. Is it just a Steelers LB thing, saying stupid stuff all the time? Joey Porter is a walking-talking litany of moronical refuse. James Harrison is expecting to get invited to the White House when he DOESN'T win the Super Bowl, all the sense that makes. And now Lamar thinking the Patriots and Bengals are plotting against the Steel Curtain out of fear. Wake up buddy, maybe too many Iron City's before the interview.
Any of my fellow Pats fans feel like this team could get hot and go on a run like in 2001? Yea, me neither.
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