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Posted on: October 7, 2010 11:52 am

Bon Voyage

So the Patriots pulled the rug out from under the NFL world once again, and traded the divisive and polarizing Randy Moss. As a Patriots fan, I am actually ok with this move if he was being a distraction in the locker room. Rumors and reports are still leaking out bit by bit from the media, so a completely clear picture of just how this all came about hasn't quite formed yet.

That hasn't stopped the talking heads from turning this into the biggest news story since The Decision. One particularly infuriating mouthpiece is Cris Carter, former star reciever for the Vikings and ex-teammate of Randy Moss. As someone who mentored Moss and "showed him the ropes" so to speak, Carter has become the unofficial expert on this whole situation, the lead source for all news concering number 84 in purple. The guy has been on the air for what seems 50 hours straight, everywhere I turn.

Carter keeps spinning the "Moss was/is a great teammate, he's misunderstood, you don't know him like I do" bull. There is no doubt Carter knows Moss better than 99% of the other media types covering this story, but for some reason, instead of just lending insight, Carter seems to take this personally and is busy constructing his platform on a vigorous defense of Moss. The seeming inability to seperate objective informing and subjective opining has made Carter look like a Rainbow Coalition drummer.

Some people have made this into a race issue and it might be, but we can get to that another time. (Sidenote: listening to Cris Carter right now on 103.7 FM WEEI with Dale and Holley and Carter just said his favorite baseball team is the Yankees and favorite NBA team is the Lakers. The dude grew up in Ohio. What a front-running P.O.S., but anyways). This entire saga has been governed by one overriding all-determinant pathos, and that is EGO. The capital letters are very necessary in this case. Also, let me say, anyone worth their salt, trying to accomplish anything in this world, has to have some ego. The people that are pragmatic, self-disciplined, humble, and successful find a way to subjegate their ego in the name of respecting themselves and others. When that doesn't happen, and ego rules the day, a person become not the man I described formerly, but a cocky, narcissistic maniac who loses sight of themselves in their own self-imposed "me me me" jungle. This can be mostly nature or mostly nuture, but is always some combination of the two.

The point I am trying to come to, by a roundabout way, is that in these modern, frenzied information sports age, every star athlete, no matter how bad of a guy he is or how much of an ego-maniacal jackass he is, has their defenders. LeBron, Kobe, T.O., Chad Ochocinco, A-Rod, Clemens, Manny Ramirez, on and on and on and on the list goes. Star athletes, either trouble-makers on and/or off the field. Guys that divide teams, distract from team focus, guys who's egoes are so far out of whack that anything they do they can spin into defending themselves from critics or victimizing themselves against a system they think is out to get them and stifle their inherent "individualism" or "right to speak their minds" or whatever. This other-worldy stratosphere these guys live in, propped up by dumbass fans, pathetic hangers-on and agents, suck up owners and executives, has completely blinded these guys from what it means to be grateful, appreciative, grounded human beings.
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