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Posted on: March 9, 2010 4:33 pm

BCS Expansion

Lots of news coming out about the attempted expansion plans of the Pac-10 and Big 10 (Big 11). The Pac-10 are considering courting Colorado from the Big 12, and also Utah and BYU among others. The Big 11 has had internal discussions about Texas and Missouri. This has led many around the game to wonder openly if now is the time for Notre Dame, smack dab in the middle of Big 10 country, to finally give up its proud independence and join up. This would make the Big 10 a twelve-team league and allow for a conference championship game. 
Notre Dame has had a lucrative NBC contract for a long time, but the amount isn't as much as you might think. Notre Dame receives only $9 million annually from NBC, which televises all ND home games. So, 6 games a year for 9 mil. Jack Swarbrick by himself makes at least 3 million a year. You would think Notre Dame could have squeezed more out of that deal, which runs out after this upcoming season.
Notre Dame already plays Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue every year, so a conference schedule wouldn't be all that different. All in all, this would be a great move for the Big 11, but a stupid move for Notre Dame. The irish make more money scheduling who they want, when they want, where they want. It just came out yesterday that the Irish will play vs. the University of Maryland at FedEx Field in Landover, Md this year (the home field of the Redskins). That's a great move and the stadium will no doubt be full. Lots of ND grads/fans everywhere, and it will almost be a home game for Maryland. Another contest is scheduled against Army at the new Yankee Stadium, another classic in the making. 
Stay classy San Diego. Stay independent Notre Dame. 
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Posted on: December 16, 2009 9:52 am

Today's Randoms

What is this, the Big 10 (or Big 11 as I like to call it) thinking about expanding? There are already 11 teams in the misnomer that is the Big X. If anything, the Big 11 should be thinking about contracting (hey Northwestern, take a hike) not expanding. Over the years, the Big 10 has tried to recruit Notre Dame. This would make sense on every level for the conference (geography, tradition, revenue) but would be detrimental financially to ND, which is the only reason it has never happened. Besides their lucrative national TV deal, ND has the luxury and flexibility to schedule whoever they want. Instead of half their schedule being a conference slate, ND seeks out home and homes with teams that will pay them (and teams they think they will beat even though that hasn't been the case with the Stanfords, UConns and Syracuses of the world). I can understand why Missouri would want to leave the difficult Big 12 and join the eminently winnable Big 10, but what will the Big 10 call itself? Can't call itself the Big 12, for obvious reasons. Downsize, not supersize. 
Also on college football, can't wait until bowl season is over and kids start making it known whether they are coming out for the draft or staying at school. The NFL draft is one of my favorite sports events and I love mock drafts, Kiper vs. McShay, the Big Board, combine, everything. Jake Locker really surprised me by returning to U of Wash. It's not like they can even win the Pac-10 next year, never mind the national title. Sam Bradford I could understand last year because Oklahoma had a chance to win. Returning to a team that has Gerald McCoy, Jermaine Gresham, etc., that makes sense. No one can foresee injury, but I think Bradford made the right call. He will probably still be a first round pick this spring. With Locker out of the draft, Clausen is the clear first QB off the board. 
Devin Harris should not have been ejected last night. He was cleary going for the ball, took a horrible, stupid angle on the attempted block, and got Moon's dome piece instead. We see this once or twice a month, a bad foul. 
The Celtics are destroying people right now. They have to be number 1 in any power rankings until the Lakers play some road games. 
Keep the DH! Pitching has become way waaaaaaaay too specialized for these guys to be batting and running the bases. I understand they are professional athletes that should be able to swing the stick and run like anyone else; but come on, it's sad watching these guys try to hit. It's a Sportcenter Top 10 when Carlos Zambrano, Micah Owings or some other "hitting" pitcher smacks the long ball. That's stupid. I'm all for consistency between the AL and NL. Some people say put the DH into the NL, and some say get rid of it all together. I say put it in the NL. 

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Posted on: October 20, 2009 7:22 pm

Big 10 Alumni Team

Big 10 time. Going with the man himself, my favorite member of the AARP, Joe Paterno.

1. Drew Brees---Purdue
2. Kyle Orton---Purdue
3. Drew Stanton---Michigan St.
1. Marion Barber---Minnesota
2. Pierre Thomas---Illinois
2. Larry Johnson---Penn State
4. Rashard Mendenhall---Illinois
1. Lee Evans---Wisconsin
2. Derrick Mason---Michigan St.
3. Chris Chambers---Wisconsin
4. Greg Lewis---Illinois
1. Dallas Clark---Iowa
2. Owen Daniels---Wisconsin
3. Dustin Keller---Purdue
1. Matt Light---Purdue
2. Nick Hardwick---Purdue
3. Joe Thomas---Wisconsin
4. Eric Steinbach---Iowa
5. Robert Gallery---Iowa
6. Kris Dielman---Indiana
7. Dave Diehl---Illinois
Special Teams
K-Nate Kaeding---Iowa
P-Jeremy Kapinos---Penn State
KR-Antwan Randel-El---Indiana
PR-Devin Thomas---Michigan St.
1. Adawale Ogunleye---Indiana
2. Aaron Maybin---Penn State
3. Luis Castillo---Northwestern
4. Cliff Avril---Purdue
1. Jay Alford---Penn State
2. Colin Cole---Iowa
3. Jonathan Babineaux---Iowa
4. Tamba Hali---Penn State
1. Paul Pozluszny---Penn State
2. Akin Ayodele---Purdue
3. Shaun Phillips---Purdue
4. Julian Peterson---Michigan St.
5. Aaron Kampman---Iowa
6. Dan Connor---Penn State
1. Vontae Davis---Illinois
2. Kelvin Hayden---Illinois
3. Justin King---Penn State
1. Bob Sanders---Iowa
2. Jim Leonard---Wisconsin
3. Renaldo Hill---Michigan St.
Practice Squad
1. Laurence Maroney, RB---Minnesota
2. James Hardy, WR---Indiana
3. Casey Wiegmann, C---Iowa
4. Flozell Adams, T---Michigan St.
5. Chad Greenway, LB---Iowa
6. Chike Okeafor, LB---Purdue
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